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Have you ever been to Bison Valley?.

“Bison Valley”

Did you know where this name came from? Here it’s all answered. The name Bison Valley is thought to be a reference to the region's history. During their holidays in Munnar, the kings and officers of the East India Company came here to hunt bison. This is why the place is called "Bison Valley." Bison Valley is a village in Kerala's south-western state of Kerala, located in the Udumbanchola Taluk of the Idukki district.

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Resorts near Munnar
Welcome to a spectacular and unforgettable farmhouse stay.

Resort in the center of a cardamom plantation

Welcome to a magnificent and remarkable resort stay experience at the top of Munnar and the best resorts in Munnar for families. The nature resort is in the middle of the cardamom plantation. In-season, like winter, resorts are crowded with mist, and you can’t even see the person who stands next to you. explore More

Take a trip to beautiful waterfalls

Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Seeking a stress relief weekend? Visit these divinely crafted waterfalls. They will give you peace & serenity, the Ambience of Kuthumkal Waterfalls is perfect for nature lovers. Kuthumkal waterfalls are one of the best picnic spots in Munnar and Idukki, Waterfalls has located 24 km from Munnar in Rajakkad. This flowing waterfall is a great place to picnic and play in the water. The falls are easily accessible and are near to the major road.

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Budget resorts in Munnar
Clouds are a miracle of nature


Have you heard about devikulam, a word that combines two words ‘Devi’ meaning Goddess and ‘Kulam’ meaning pond. Devikulam is a true nature lover’s paradise, a little hilltop about 7 kilometers from the town of Munnar. Your attention is captured by the area's foggy slopes, which resemble a green blanket spread across its surface. This hilltop protects a small lake that is also known as Sita Devi Lake or Devikulam Lake. It has become a must-visit location for everyone in the area because of its velvet lawns and a wide variety of exotic flora and wildlife.

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Camping sites near Munnar

The eco-friendly Gazelle stands out with its unique design and presence. The resort offers you a fantastic opportunity to be in sync with the stillness and peace of nature because it is so near to nature and the mountains. It is the best nature resort in Munnar, This eco-tourism location in the tall hills gives visitors a range of adventurous and exploratory activities

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