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Chathurangapara viewpoint

Wonderful spot for touching the clouds and getting a bird's eye view over the Western Ghats and Tamil Nadu Theni side. The chance to observe and feel a wind farm on a hilltop and get an unforgettable memory from there.

Chathurangapara is a stunning location where you'll want to pinch yourself. The View Point is located in the Idukki district of Kerala by the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are hundreds of wind mills placed in this region. The strong wind that blows between the mountains has a significant impact on electricity output in both states. The wind is so strong here that you feel like you're about to fly away. Popular sites to visit in Idukki like Chathuranga Para Viewpoint will fascinate you with their exceptional scenery and beautiful views. If you want to explore the most of your time in these locations, Gazelle Villa Resort is a beautiful resort located just a short distance from this view point. The resort is nestled amid the woods. If you're seeking for a best nature resorts in Munnar. Gazille Villa is the first option for you. Short weekend getaways with family and friends are also accessible at the resort. If you’re ever around Munnar this is a must-see location. You'll be ecstatic about it

Anayirangal Dam

The Anayirangal Dam is one of Munnar's most beautiful spots. Many people come to see the dam and the lake because they want to take in the magnificent grandeur of the high mountains at its best.

Anayirangal area is enriched with so many attractions. The ride via Lockhart Estate's excellent tea gardens and Gap's cliff roads is breathtakingly beautiful. Tea plantations may be found on both sides of the road; one side is a beautiful valley with various levels of tea estates, while the other side is a hill with tea estates. There is a wonderful thick forest on both sides of the road that you must pass through. On both sides of the road, there are trees with massive trunks. Just 30 min drive from our nature resort, enjoy this scenery by staying on a farm stay in Munnar.

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Fresh air and breath-taking views make Ramakkalmedu an enchanting retreat. The name comes from the footprints found on the rock surface. This is thought to be of Lord Vishnu's avatar, Rama, as told in the Indian epic Ramayana.

Situated in Idukki district of Kerala, about 40 km from Thekkady, which is one of the general wildlife destinations in Kerala. The captivating hills of Ramakkalmedu in the Western Ghats, which is about 16 km from Nedumkanda. We are welcome you to explore the scenic destination in Munnar, just 20 km away from our resort, our resort is one of the best nature resort in Munnar, we give you unforgettable memories and passion of hospitality.
Clouds are a miracle of nature


Meesapulimala is one of the highest peaks in India, located in between the Anaimalai Hills and Palani Hills near Suryanelli, about 20 km away from Munnar. Meesapulimala is the Western Ghats' second tallest peak. The place is capable of a highly adventurous trekking trail to Rhodo Valley. One of the best resorts in Munnar is situated near this beautiful location. The resort is in the center of a cardamom plantation.

Only by trekking to the top of the mountain can you completely appreciate the beauty of Meesapulimala. The name is derived from Malayalam, Meesha means mustache, puli means tiger, and mala means mountain. The region's stunning views of grasslands, mint green rainforests, and diverse fauna will take your breath away.

Farmhouses stay in Munnar