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Camp Fire

The campfire is an experience not to be missed while on vacation. What could be more enjoyable than a day spent exploring the woods? A pleasant evening spent around a campfire with family and friends.We offer you best camping sites near munnar

Adventures In Living.

Jeep Safari

If you're looking for the best resort in Munnar with a jeep safari, Gazelle Villa resort is the first option for you. There's something about being on a safari that lets you forget about your problems and feel like you're on vacation. Come and explore..

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Luxury Farm house
A vacation is a gift of time.

Indoor Games

Indoor games can help you unwind and relieve stress. The Gazelle villa resort in Munnar is best option for indoor and outdoor games. We offer plenty of places for outdoor and indoor games. Playing games is a healthy way for kids, families, and couples to spend time together.


Cardamom Plantation Walk

The resort is in the middle of 900 acres of cardamom plantation, a morning walk through the cardamom plantation gives you cool air and freshness, the gazelle villa resort in Munnar gives unforgettable memories while you spend time on the cardamom plantation. The plantation is crowded with full of mist.

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