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A paradise for nature lovers.


"Resort in the centre of a cardamom plantation".

Welcome to a magnificent and remarkable resort stay experience at the top of Munnar and the best resorts in Munnar for families. The nature resort is in the middle of the cardamom plantation. In-season, like winter, resorts are crowded with mist, and you can’t even see the person who stands next to you. The main attraction at Gazelle Villa Resort is that everywhere is green! Plenty of places for outdoor games. The resort offers hospitality with a farm stay in Munnar. We have eight cottages and deluxe family rooms, which provide a special touch to your stay. Our rooms and facilities guarantee that our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Nearest tourist location

Chathuranga para
Just a 10-minute ride from our best nature resort to this location. Chathurangapara is one of the tourist locations in Munnar. The specialty of this location is cloud-covered mountains and windmills. Are you seeking an off-road ride in Munnar? This place provides you with the best experience of that. The ViewPoint is near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border in the Idukki region of Kerala.

Anayirangal Dam
The distance between Anayriangal Dam and our resort is just 20 kilometers. Anayirankal dam is one of the biggest dams located 26 km from Munnar, constructed in the 1960s. The main attraction at this tourist spot is boating. A boat ride on the beautiful lake is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't miss this wonderful experience. The ticket rates start at 50 Rs for the park at Anayriangal dam.

One of the best tourist locations in Munnar, this location is situated 25 kilometers away from our nature resort. You can enjoy a farm stay in Munnar and explore this beautiful scenery. Ramakalmedu is one of Kerala's most attractive wildlife locations. The feature that distinguishes Ramakkalmedu is the constant wind. The wind speed of Ramakalmedu is around 35 km/hour. Ramakalmedu is unique because of its fresh air and green hills.

Bison valley
Are you looking for the best off-road riding in Munnar? Then pack your bags, Bison Valley is the finest for you. The king and officers of east India came there to hunt bison. This is why the place is called the "bison valley." Off-road riding, trekking, and hiking are the main specialties of Bison Valley. The best resort in Munnar is near this beautiful location, so you can stay and explore.

Poopara viewpoint
Poopara is a major tourist destination in Munnar. The best time to visit Poopara is from December to April. Cool climate, fresh air, scenery, and large areas with cardamom plantations are other major importances of Poopara viewpoint.