Gazelle villa resort is the most commonly suggested budget resort in munnar

A Stay within the Grasp of Nature

We welcome you to a majestic and magical Farm stay in Munnar at the Middle of cardamon plantation and as well as the best nature resorts in Munnar for family. It's time to get away from the sweltering heat and hectic pace of life and head for a scenic scenery and climate that can provide you with the feeling and experience. Indeed, Gazelle Villa, resort in Munnar is the most frequently recommended Budget resorts in munnar that hold your comfort stays. More than a Farmhouses stay in Munnar, a planet that may host your private experience, intimacy, and connection with nature in its real colours, crowned at the centre of Munnar.

Best resorts in Munnar Provide a wonderful suite within the ancient canopy of trees for your stay. The rooms are equipped with all the comforts of home, including wide and comfy mattresses, private bathrooms, French windows that open to spectacular lake views, boat rides, giant trees, and lush greenery all around. Live in tune with the natural world's quiet and peace. Relax and refresh in the woods with a comfortable stay from us. Book Your Room Today