A paradise for nature lovers.



Have you heard about devikulam, a word that combines two words ‘Devi’ meaning Goddess and ‘Kulam’ meaning pond. Devikulam is a true nature lover’s paradise, a little hilltop about 7 kilometers from the town of Munnar. Your attention is captured by the area's foggy slopes, which resemble a green blanket spread across its surface. This hilltop protects a small lake that is also known as Sita Devi Lake or Devikulam Lake. It has become a must-visit location for everyone in the area because of its velvet lawns and a wide variety of exotic flora and wildlife. Legend has it that this location was given the name Devikulam because Sita Devi, Lord Ram's wife, is said to have taken a bath in this lake while they lived in this area during Lord Ram's fourteen-year exile. The lake is revered as having divine qualities by the people, and there are several reports that its waters have healing properties for various illnesses.

The local tea and spice plantations also have an advantage of Devikulam's pure, unadulterated air's calming effects. Due to the high amounts of natural nutrients in the soil in this area, a wide variety of crops and vegetables are cultivated there. Take in the unaltered natural beauty next to the best farm stay in Munnar as you learn about the various colorful stories that appear before your eyes. Devikulam is a true haven for nature lovers. The gazelle villa best Resort in Munnar offers the best family accommodations in Munnar with nonstop family activities, allowing parents to unwind while the kids have fun. Visitors frequently visit the nearby Sita Devi Lake throughout the year. It is a lovely place to relax because of its clear waters and attractive surroundings.
Ideal Season to Visit Devikulam
Visitors should go to Devikulam between November and March for the best weather. Although the location is ideal for a trip at any time of the year because of its cool, foggy weather and diverse locations.
Top tourist Destinations close to Devikulam
A guided tour of the tea and spice farms in the area of Devikulam will allow you to enjoy some lovely estates. Attukad Waterfalls, Attukad Village, Lock Heart Gap and Anayirankal Dam, Mattupetty Dam, Tea Museum, and Eravikulam National Park are the nearest top tourist locations.
How to reach Devikulam
Nearest Airport
Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, 112 kilometer
The nearest railway station
Aluva Railway Station, 110 kilometers
Coimbatore Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)
Bus From the locations stated above, you can go to Devikulam by local buses or private vehicles.
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